Property Funds - Bacara Wealth

Real estate, whether residential or commercial, has long been established as a popular and attractive investment. This is due, in part, to the fact that property is a physical, tangible asset, which together with the land it sits upon are key factors in its long-term value.

The advantages of commercial property are that it is asset backed and, subject to the terms of the lease and the quality of the tenant, it benefits from a relatively high stable income with, in many cases, fixed rental uplifts. It also offers the potential for capital growth. 

Exposure to investment in commercial property can be achieved in a variety of ways; it can feature the outright acquisition of a tenanted property, or it can be achieved by the ownership of a direct percentage stake in the property via a syndicated commercial property structure. It can also feature ownership of shares in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) or via property bonds which traditionally pay a fixed rate of interest over a given period of time.

We have a number of property investment and development specialists on our team and we also have access to a wide range of both traditional and non-traditional commercial property investment structures. Our experts can provide you with advice that is specifically tailored to your personal needs.