Bacara Wealth - Specialist products

Specialist products, which are sometimes referred to as Alternative Investments, offer investors the opportunity of obtaining higher than average returns.

A standard traditional portfolio will typically consist of investments such as: equities, cash funds, bonds, property funds etc.  which are often operated within one or two ‘wrappers’ e.g.  a personal pension plan and/or an ISA (Individual Savings Account). They are typically managed by one or two fund managers and routinely deliver standard returns.

With standard returns being so relatively low these days an increasing number of investors are looking for ways to achieve higher than average returns but are, understandably, concerned about the perceived risk involved in certain Alternative Investment products.

When we investigate a new specialist product investment, we take the necessary time to research the product thoroughly; in particular, with regard to the level of risk and the security provided. We also place significant emphasis on the product provider’s reputation and performance record.

Typically, we look for ground breaking opportunities with a competitive edge, from established providers with proven track records.  We aim to source solid innovative opportunities, that would not routinely be available to the general investor and to then present them in an open and transparent way.